Why Did Hernan Cortes Conquer The Aztecs?

Why Did Hernan Cortes Conquer The Aztecs?

What motivated Cortes to pursue conquest of the Aztecs?It’s possible that Cortes sought to conquer the Aztecs so that he could get their wealth and silver, convert them to Christianity, gain renown, or satisfy his own avarice.Steel, sickness, organized alliances, and 16 horses were some of the advantages that the Spanish held against the Aztecs.Other advantages were firearms and armor.

What exactly was it that Hernan Cortes was looking for in Mexico?

An exploration mission to find gold on the North American continent was what kicked off the process of gaining control of Mexico. Cortés led around 450 troops to Mexico in 1519 and made his way from Veracruz on the Gulf Coast to the island city of Tenochtitlan, which was the magnificently gorgeous Aztec capital situated in Lake Texcoco. Cortés arrived in Mexico from Veracruz.

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