Why You Shouldn’T Use The Word Tribe?

Why You Shouldn’T Use The Word Tribe?

It was officially declared that the November Project HQ will no longer use the term ″tribe″ to refer to the cities in order to distinguish them.There are several reasons for this, including the diversity of cities all across the world and each city’s association with the history of the word tribe.One thing we didn’t do well enough was communicate this with the city and with all of you.

We apologize for this.

The term ‘tribe’ does not have a recognizable connotation. It contains historical and cultural assumptions that are incorrect. It prevents truthful depictions of African reality from being presented. At the very least, any explanation of African events that is based on the concept of tribe offers nothing to the understanding of specific challenges in specific regions.

Why is it called a tribe?

In its original meaning, the word tribe was derived from Latin and referred to the division of Roman voters into three factions; however, the term has been used throughout history by European colonists to describe the Indigenous people who lived on the lands that they colonized; in fact, the term ‘tribal’ was frequently used synonymously with the terms’savage’ and ‘primitive’.

What is the meaning of tribe in marketing?

The term ″tribe″ has been extremely effective in marketing since it provides consumers with a sense of belonging, which is the foundation of most forms of marketing. It enables people to feel like they are a part of something. That, by identifying themselves as a member of a tribe, the characteristics of the tribe IMMEDIATELY mirror their own characteristics.

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