Why Did The Aztecs Think Cortes Was A God?

Why Did The Aztecs Think Cortes Was A God?

At the same time, it has been asserted that the Aztecs thought Cortés was a deity from the minute he set foot in their realm, which is the reason why they welcomed him so enthusiastically. In the calendar used by the Aztecs, the year 1519 was comparable to the year 1 Reed.

  1. Montezuma came to the conclusion that possibly Cortés was the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, who had vowed to return one day to recover his realm.
  2. This conclusion was reached as a result of a sequence of unsettling coincidences.
  3. The Aztecs believed that Quetzalcoatl, also known as ″the feathered snake,″ represented the sun light and the morning star.

He was a representation of wisdom, artistic expression, and spirituality.

Is the story of the Cortes in Spain true?

The Florentine Codex is one of a number of Mestizo codices that cite the ″Cortes is God″ tale. This codex was composed between 50 and 70 years after the conquest by indigenous scribes under the supervision of the European Sahagun. Because it is such a persistent topic, it is difficult to avoid acknowledging, even in some small way, that it is correct.

What gods did the Aztecs believe in?

According to the legend, the Aztecs worshiped a deity with a white beard and a mustache named Quetzalcoatl. This god had vanished towards the east a very long time ago. However, just before he went, he gave his word that he would come back. In the year 1519, when Cortes and his crew of Spaniards landed in Mexico, many of the locals believed that they were gods.

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Was Hernan Cortez the god of war?

I seem to recall that Dr. Restall offers an explanation in the book to the effect that the purported mythology was invented by the Spanish priests. At first, they said that the Mexica believed Cortez to be Huitzilopochtli, the god of war. This was their original allegation. On the other hand, other Spanish men who had taken part in the conquest disproved their claims since they were false.

Did Montezuma ever say Cortes’s Divinity?

  1. It is impossible for us to know for certain whether or not Montezuma ever truly spoke such remarks.
  2. However, if the Aztec monarch had declared Cortes to be divine, why would the conqueror exclude this information from his letter?
  3. In all likelihood, the existence of such a thing would have been a significant boon to his efforts to find justification for the conquests he desired in the New World.

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