What Tribe Runs Claremore Indian Hospital?

What Tribe Runs Claremore Indian Hospital?

Within Cherokee Nation territory, at the very north-eastern corner of Oklahoma, is where you’ll find the Claremore Indian Hospital. It is directly managed by the Institute of Health Services (IHS), which is an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services.

What tribe is Claremore Indian clinic?

In light of the fact that the discussion around health care is continuing to gain momentum, I thought it would be helpful to discuss the influence that the Indian Health Service (IHS) system has had locally and how it is supported by the federal government. IHS has a facility known as Claremore Indian Hospital (CIH). CIH is not administered by the Cherokee Nation.

Who owns Claremore Indian Hospital?

The Claremore Indian Hospital is a hospital that is owned and administered by the government, and it provides inpatient treatments as well as outpatient care by way of nine different structured clinical services.

How many beds does Claremore Indian Hospital have?

Identification as well as Particular Features

Name and Address: Claremore IHS Hospital 101 South Moore Avenue Claremore, OK 74017
CMS Certification Number : 370173
Type of Facility: Short Term Acute Care
Type of Control: Governmental, Federal
Total Staffed Beds: 46

What county is the Claremore Indian Hospital in?

Claremore is a town with a population of 20,000 located approximately 21 miles northeast of the extremely metropolitan city of Tulsa, which has a population of 571,348 according to the United States Census. Claremore is also the birthplace of Will Rogers and the location of the great Broadway musical Oklahoma! Claremore Indian Hospital is the name of this establishment.

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Phone: 918-342-6400 ext :
Fax: 918-342-6678

What is the status of the Cherokee today?

The Cherokee Nation is home to more than 390,000 people around the globe, making it the most populous indigenous community in the United States. Within the confines of the Cherokee Nation’s reservation in northeastern Oklahoma, more than 141,000 Cherokee Nation inhabitants call this area home.

When was the Claremore Indian Hospital built?

This connection, which was formalized in 1787, is founded on Section 8 of Article I of the Constitution and has been given form and substance by a plethora of treaties, statutes, judgments of the Supreme Court, and Executive Orders.

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