What Kind Of Houses Did The Aztecs Live In?

What Kind Of Houses Did The Aztecs Live In?

The dwellings of the Aztecs vary in size and complexity from simple huts to expansive palaces. The social position of a family determined not just what they wore but also what they ate and the size and design of their Aztec dwellings. The mansions of wealthy nobles were often built around a central courtyard and featured a number of lavish rooms.

What were the houses like in the Aztecs?

Aztec Homes Layout. The floor plans of different Aztec dwellings have a number of characteristics in common. The typical Aztec household took up between between 15 and 25 square meters of floor space. The residences of the nobility were typically rather substantial in size and were elaborately adorned.

Where did the Aztecs Live?

In the major towns of what is now the central region of Mexico, the houses of the Aztecs ranged from the grandiose palaces of the affluent to the simple huts of the peasants. There was, without a doubt, the enormous mansion that belonged to the emperor (although, technically speaking, he owned more than one residence).

What are some important buildings that the Aztecs built?

Structures of significance to the Aztec city The city-state of Tenochtitlan served as the capital of the Aztec Empire, and as such, it was the location of the majority of the Aztecs’ most significant construction projects.

What are the differences between Aztec homes for nobles and commoners?

Stone buildings that were both vast and beautifully ornamented characterized the residences of Aztec nobility. On the other hand, Aztec dwellings for the ordinary people tended to be on the more modest and straightforward side. However, there were also many things that were shared between the aristocrats’ and commoners’ dwellings in Aztec culture.

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