Mayan train

Mayan train

What is the Mayan train project?

What is the Mayan Train Project ? The Tren Maya (as it is called in Spanish) is a 950 km (1500 mile) tourist train that would connect the popular beaches of the Riviera Maya to towns, archaeological sites and many tourist destinations in the Yucatan Peninsula and beyond. There will be 15 or 16 stations along the route .

Why are there no passenger trains in Mexico?

Passenger rail travel was removed from Mexico’s consumer price index around the same time that bottled drinking water was added. Signs of changing times. Service on the handful of routes where passenger travel was still available into the 1980s was somewhat typical of a state monopoly in its last throes—bad.

How many train cars are there in El Expreso Maya?

four railway cars

How do I get from Mexico City to Yucatan?

The best way to get from Mexico City to Yucatán is to fly which takes 3h 43m and costs $750 – $2400. Alternatively, you can bus , which costs $1300 – $2600 and takes 18h 30m.

Does Mexico have a train system?

Mexico has a freight railway system owned by the national government and operated by various entities under concessions (charters) granted by the national government.

Does Amtrak go into Mexico?

Travelling to Mexico by Rail Amtrak provides railway connections to various points along the Mexican border from cities in the USA or Canada (tel: +1 800 872 7245, in the USA; www. amtrak .com).

How many seats are on each car of El Expreso Maya?

64 seats

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How far is Chichen Itza from Mexico City?

1,114 kilometers

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