Who Died Season 2 The Tribe? (Question)

Who Died Season 2 The Tribe? (Question)

Series 2. At Eagle Mountain, Amber and Zandra, who is pregnant, are killed in an explosion. The tribe continues searching for an antidote to the virus and are successful, with Tai-San becoming the only one aware of the formula to produce it.

Did Amber die in the tribe?

Interestingly, both Amber and Zandra were the only ones who disagreed on going to Eagle Mountain. Which is ironic as they were both killed when they were on the mountain (although Amber was revealed to have ended up surviving). After her death was faked, Amber never took the Antidote as she was with the Eco Tribe.

How did Zandra die in the tribe?

Zandra is killed in the explosion along with her unborn child, leaving Lex and the other Mallrats distraught. She is buried on Eagle Mountain next to Amber’s grave.

Why did Dal leave the tribe?

Being an engineer, Dal’s practical skills have aided fellow member and best friend, Jack, into producing water for the Mall Rats. When the virus started to effect children, Dal left with the Mall Rats to Eagle Mountain in search of the antidote.

Did Bray die in the tribe?

She is heartbroken to discover that the love of her life was “deleted.” Presumably meaning he has been killed, Amber brokenheartedly moves on. However, it’s revealed at the end of the series that Bray is still alive when KC, who is still a prisoner, comes across Alice, and says he was with Bray just days prior.

Who kidnapped Amber Trudy?

Series 4. Trudy and Brady as Ecos Trudy finds Amber in a barn and helped to deliver Amber’s baby. She later finds Bray’s necklace of Amber’s Ring and realises he had been abducted by the Technos. Fearing for their lives, Trudy and Amber fled to the safety of the Eco Tribe.

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Who died at Eagle Mountain the tribe?

Tragically, Amber and Zandra die in the explosion and the Mall Rats lay them both to rest on the side of the mountain.

Why did Chloe leave the tribe?

During the Technos reign, she ends up in a forbidden relationship with the techno Ved. But the Techno Leader Ram disapproved of their relationship, so he deletes Cloe while she is inside their Virtual Reality game and disappears.

What happened to Tai San?

Series 4. Tai San reprogrammed as a Techno When the Technos invade, Tai-San is captured by them, leaving Lex devastated at her loss. She later resurfaces as a Techno, and she was personally reprogrammed by Mega, which seems to be where her feelings towards him are coming from.

What happened to Ryan the tribe?

After a fight against The Chosen, Ryan is taken away in chains. After their liberation from the Chosen, Salene eventually leaves the mall to find Ryan, who was last heard of from Bray who’d been told by Pony Joe that he came across Ryan in the mines.

What happens to Jack in The Tribe?

Jack is crushed and decides to leave the Mall, but while on his journey he runs into Cloe, who had escaped from the mines after The Chosen fell. Cloe helps bring Jack back to the Mall, where he reunites with Amber who wants him to stay.

How does The Tribe end?

After escaping, Ebony and Lex encounter the Eco tribe and discover that its leader is Amber, whose death had been faked by Ebony. The Chosen are overthrown, and Ebony is elected as city leader; she banishes Bray and Amber when they refuse to let her execute the Guardian.

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What happened to Charlie on The Tribe?

She originally was a stray with her brother Charlie, both were found by Salene and brought to the Mall. Charlie later disappears and Mouse is left alone, but she finds a new friend in Sammy. Salene brings her to the Eco Tribe where she is admitted as a new member.

Are Zoot and Bray brothers?

When Zoot is sent off to sea, it is at this point when it’s revealed that he is Bray’s younger brother.

What happened to Patsy on the tribe?

Fearful for her life, Patsy joins The Chosen but redeems herself by becoming a spy. However she ends up being caught and was sent away. The Mall Rats initially believe she was dead, but The Collective reveal they have information on Patsy and are looking for her and Paul.

What happens to Lex in the tribe?

After a long discussion they agree to join the tribe. In the course of the first season, Lex becomes leader of the Mall Rats (a name he chose). After a while, however, he gives up the position and becomes Head of Security.

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