Which Tribe In Nigeria Has The Most Beautiful Ladies? (Perfect answer)

Which Tribe In Nigeria Has The Most Beautiful Ladies? (Perfect answer)

10 States In Nigeria With The Most Beautiful Girls

  • OGUN: Ogun Girls are the most beautiful when it comes to core Yoruba women.
  • KATSINA: With the highest concentration of beautiful Fulani girls, Katsina possesses pretty girls beyond the veils.
  • EDO: Girls her are beautiful both theoretically and in practice.

Which tribe is the dirtiest in Nigeria?

The most dirtiest tribes today in Nigeria are the Igala, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Kambara and the Idoma tribes respectively. This is due to the unclean environment of the areas of these tribes.

Which tribe is the best in Nigeria?

Below are the top 10 best educated tribes in the country today:

  • #1. Yoruba. Unarguably one of the most educated tribes in Nigeria and even thought to be the most learned by some people.
  • #2. Igbo. This tribe is synonymous with one thing- Business!
  • #3. Hausa.
  • #4. Edo.
  • #5. Urhobo.
  • #6. Itsekiri.
  • #7. Ijaw.
  • #8. Calabar.

Where is the most beautiful state in Nigeria?

Top 10 most beautiful states in Nigeria

  • ABUJA. Popular known as the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja is the most beautiful state in Nigeria and also the nation’s capital city.

Which state is the cleanest in Nigeria?

The report further indicated that Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi and Bauchi emerged as the top three cleanest states in Nigeria, with cleanliness performance index ratings of 64, 55 and 44 per cent respectively.

Which tribe should I marry in Nigeria?

Igbo tribe is one of the best tribes to marry as wife in Nigeria because: Their ladies know how to love and keep their husbands. They are very romantic and satisfy their husbands very well sexually. They know how to love and care for their husbands and family members well by cooking assorted and local dishes.

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Which tribe has the most handsome guys in Nigeria?

PNP readers vote for Igbo men as the most handsome in Nigeria.

Which tribe is the most peaceful in Nigeria?

The Yoruba tribe is the most friendly and welcoming tribe in Nigeria than other ethnic groups.

Which village is the most beautiful in Nigeria?

Abiriba is the most beautiful Village in Africa.

Where is the coolest place in Nigeria?

Plateau state, precisely Jos plateau is the most coldest state and elevated land area in Nigeria. And for this reason, most part of the region is considerably cold.

Which state is the richest in Nigeria?

Lagos state Lagos is unarguably the richest state in the country with a GDP of $33,679. The GDP is the highest in the country. In fact, the GDP of Lagos is higher than that of 42 African nations put together.

Which state in Nigeria has the highest university?

The approved universities are the Delta State University, Agbor; Denis Osadebe University, Asaba and the Delta State University of Science and Technology, Ozoro. The development has made Delta a state with the highest number of public universities in the country.

Which state has the biggest shopping mall in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s Enugu State is home to one of the country’s largest shopping mall, the Polo Park Mall which has a total retail area of 0.242 million square feet.

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