What Were The Positive And Negative Effects Of British Rule On Indians? (Solution)

What Were The Positive And Negative Effects Of British Rule On Indians? (Solution)

What were the positives and negative effects of British rule on Indians? Positive: Improved transport, Farming methods, order justice, and education. Negative: Exploitation, destruction of local industry, deforestation, and famine.

What were the positive and negative effects of British rule in India?

  • 1 Positive Impact of British Rule In India. British rule did introduce new job opportunities to India. 2 Negative impact of British rule in India. When Britain took over, they forced local governments to import goods rather than create their own. 3 Takeaways on British Rule in India.

What were the positive effects of the British rule on Indian?

Positive Impact: Some positive impact of the British rule in India were the introduction of the railways, post and telegraph system for masses, introduction of Western sceinces and the English language. However, it is to be noted that the British intorduced railways for its own benifits.

Was there any positive impact of the British rule in India Class 12?

Some of the positive contributions made by British are (i) Introduction of Railways The introduction of railways by the British was a breakthrough in the development process of Indian Economy. (iii) Introduction of Free Trade British forced India to follow free trade pattern during the colonial rule.

What was a negative effect of British rule in India?

The British rule demolished India through, taxation on anything made in India, and the exportation of raw materials, which caused a plentiful amount of famine,and throughout all of this, the British kept most on India uneducated, and those they did educate, most were forced to become interpreters for the benefits it

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What were the effects of the British rule?

Effect: Many American colonists feared a powerful government. Cause: Many former colonists feared losing their freedom to a new government. Effect: The new Americans made sure their new government could not take away states’ freedom and independence. Cause: The British government taxed the American colonists unfairly.

What were the positive impact of British system of education?

1) The english language united the people of differnt regions. People now rose up narrow regional prejudices and started thinking of India as their motherland. 2) It created awareness about the need of social and religious reforms. 3) Educated women like Sarojni Naidu joined the nationalist movement.

Do you think that the British system of education has a negative impact?

No, the British Education System had no negative impact on the people of India. Explanation: Due to the British System of Education, English became the link language between people living in different parts of India. It opened up new fields of knowledge and sciences and thus greatly revolutionalised Indian thought.

What are the positive and negative impact of railways in India?

It helped in movement of Indian goods and provided market for Indian producers. It integrated the markets and increased the trade. It facilitated the investment in different industries as now the movement of finished goods became easy. Jute, Cotton, Iron and steel industries were established in times to come.

What was one negative consequence of the British Raj’s rule in India quizlet?

What was one negative consequence of the British raj’s rule in india? Civil servants were segregated from ordinary Indians. How did the decline of Mughal influence affect the East India company?

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Was British rule good or bad for India?

Some recent research suggests that British rule did little for India in economic terms. Britain gained hugely from ruling India, but most of the wealth created was not invested back into the country. For example, from 1860 to about 1920, economic growth in India was very slow – much slower than in Britain or America.

What effects did the British rule have on the Indian economy?

British economic exploitation, the decay of indigenous industries, the failure of modern industries to replace them, high taxation, the drain of wealth to Britain and a backward agrarian structure leading to the stagnation of agriculture and the exploitation of the poor peasants by the zamindars, landlords, princes,

What was the impact of British rule on Indian agriculture?

The major reason of commercialization of agriculture was that India was now reduced to the supplier of raw materials and food grains to Britain and importer of British manufactured goods. This era saw the introduction and proliferation of many crops as cash crops such as Indigo, cotton, jute, tea, tobacco.

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