Question: Wayuu tribe bags?

Question: Wayuu tribe bags?

What is Wayuu crochet?

Wayuu Crochet is a technique developed by the Wayuu Tribe in Colombia. They have specialized in the art of making Mochilas. Mochila means a bag or sack. There are exceptional skill and intricate crochet work involved in making this design.

What does Wayuu mean?

The Wayuu (also Wayu, Wayúu, Guajiro, Wahiro) are an Amerindian ethnic group of the Guajira Peninsula in northernmost part of Colombia and northwest Venezuela. The Wayuu language is part of the Maipuran (Arawak) language family.

How do you clean a Wayuu bag?

If you want to clean the whole bag, you can do so in your washing machine. Just remember to use the cold cycle, and do everything possible to avoid the drawstrings and tassels to get damaged: turn the bag inside out, place strap and drawstring inside the bag, and place your Wayuu bag inside of a mesh laundry bag.

Where do the Wayuu live?

The Wayuu are an indigenous community descended from the Arawak ethnic group that resides in the deserted Guajira peninsula on the Caribbean Sea, between La Guajira in Colombia and Zulia in Venezuela.

What are Wayuu bags made of?

Today all Wayuu bags are made of acrylic from large thread manufacturers that provide thread in a wide range of colors. Traditionally, wealthier Wayuus used wool for their dresses and sashes. Cotton and cucuiza (thin rope made from natural fibers were also commonly used).

Who are Colombians descended from?

European Colombians Most Colombians of European descent are primarily descended from Spanish settlers, while other Europeans arrived during the 19th and 20th centuries.

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What language do the Wayuu speak?

Wayuu (Wayuu: Wayuunaiki [waˈjuːnaiki]), or Guajiro, is a major Arawakan language spoken by 305,000 indigenous Wayuu people in northwestern Venezuela and northeastern Colombia on the Guajira Peninsula. The two main dialects are Wüinpümüin and Wopumüin spoken in the northeast and southwest of the peninsula respectively.

Who are the Wayuu tribe?

The Wayuu is an Amerindian group that numbers approximately 450,000 and inhabits the semi-desert Guajira Peninsula straddling the Colombia-Venezuela border, on the Caribbean Sea coast.

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