How Do Indians Celebrate Christmas? (Question)

How Do Indians Celebrate Christmas? (Question)

Some families exchange gifts or give small presents or sweets to children. They may display small electric lamps or small clay oil-burning lamps and decorate their homes with banana or mango leaves. Some also put up a nativity scene with clay figures or a Christmas tree.

What are some Christmas traditions in India?

  • Symbols of Christmas in India include: Small electric lights and oil burners. Decorations made of banana or mango leaves. Artificial pine trees or branches of native tree and bushes decorated with Christmas themed ornaments. Nativity scenes with small clay figures.

What are Indian Christmas traditions?

On Christmas Eve families host a shindig and feast on traditional Christmas dinner with roast turkey or chicken and drink concoctions. Then they head to church for the midnight mass service where the ring of the church bell announces the arrival of the Christmas Day.

What do you do on Christmas in India?

For Indians, festivals are always celebrated with lights and colors, and Christmas is no exception. Churches are decorated using stunning light shows and look spectacular in the night. Most families put up a Christmas tree.

How India celebrate Christmas at home?

People in India will decorate any tree or bush readily available to them. This is often includes a banana or mango tree. Some families will also set up an imitation pine tree and decorate it with festive ornaments, and cotton wool to imitate snow. Hang banana and mango leaves around the house.

How do Hindu celebrate Christmas?

Many Hindus living in western countries also enjoy a family day — feasting and drinking. Some Hindus in India actually celebrate Christmas with a devotional practice seeing Jesus as just another aspect of God. Some Hindu ashrams outside of India also mark this day with some sort of religious event.

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What is the Indian Christmas called?

Though the majority of Indians are Hindu, millions of people still celebrate Christmas in India (called Bada Din, meaning “big day”).

What is Santa Claus called in India?

Santa Claus is a western tradition. If they have Santa at all in India, it is because he is brought in from the west, so they probably call him Santa Claus.

Is Christmas a holiday in India?

Christmas holiday in India is a gazetted holiday. It celebrates the origin of Jesus. The Christians across the nation celebrate the festival with joy and happiness. In a majority of nations, 25 December every year will be a public holiday including India.

Do Native American celebrate Christmas?

Numerous Native American tribes host dances on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. In many circumstances, the celebrations include a manger scene and a recreation of the three Wise Men offering gifts to the Christ child.

What holiday does India celebrate in December?

Your guide to understanding Diwali, one of the biggest holidays in India. Diwali, the Festival of Lights is upon us.

How do you say Happy Christmas in India?

1- Merry Christmas! मेरी क्रिसमस!

Which is the best place to celebrate Christmas in India?

10 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

  • 1 Shillong. Christmas in Shillong.
  • 2 Pondicherry. Church mass in Pondicherry.
  • 3 Kolkata. Park Street in Kolkata decorated during Christmas [Source – The Statesman]
  • 4 Mumbai. Streets in Mumbai decked up for Christmas.
  • 5 Delhi.
  • 6 Goa.
  • 7 Kerala.
  • 8 Bangalore.

How much of India celebrates Christmas?

Christmas is a state holiday in India, although Christianity in India is a minority with only 2.3% (of 1.237 Billion) of the population. Most of the Christians, especially Catholics in India attend the midnight mass.

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What is Pancha Ganapati?

From December 21 – 25, many Hindus celebrate Pancha Ganapati, and hold a five-day festival in honor of Lord Ganesha, Patron of Arts and Guardian of Culture. Pancha Ganapati was created in 1985 by Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, as a Hindu alternative to December holidays like Christmas.

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