What Were Mayan Tools Made Of?

What Were Mayan Tools Made Of?

Mayan Stone Tools

  1. Chisels. Chisels made of stone were essential to the construction of Mayan structures and the production of Mayan art. When it came time to put the finishing elements to sacred stonework sculptures, little chisels made of flint were utilized.
  2. Scrapers. Stone scrapers, which were often fashioned from flint, were put to a number of different uses.
  3. Hammers. Stone and hardwood were both used in the construction of early hammers. Hammer heads made of stone were either fastened to shafts made of hardwood or were simply created by striking other hard items.
  4. Axes. Stone heads were fastened to hardwood handles to create axes that were used for felling trees and dividing logs. These axes are also capable of serving as fundamental weapons
  5. Knives. Flake tools are a term used by archeologists to refer to bladed tools such as knives and other sharp implements. Flakes of flint or obsidian, a form of volcanic glass, were used to fashion the blades of the weapon

What were some of the Mayan tools and weapons?

What Kinds of Tools and Weapons Did the Maya Use? The Mayan people had a variety of bladed weapons, hand tools, and agricultural implements constructed of sharpened stone and wood. These included hand chisels, hand weapons, and farming implements. Neither their tools nor their weapons were generally made of metal.

What materials did the Aztecs use for tools?

At first, obsidian, copper, and chert were not particularly widespread, but as Aztec technology grew, they started employing a variety of materials that were highly developed. The copper axe is a good example of one of the important tools that the Aztecs utilized; its primary purpose was in agricultural work.

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