What Was The Aztecs Main Food Source?

What Was The Aztecs Main Food Source?

The Aztec diet was predicated almost entirely on maize, which served as the primary source of energy. It was a staple food that was included in nearly every meal across all socioeconomic strata. Because of the high regard it was held in, it was common practice for women to blow gently over maize before placing it in the cooking kettle so that it would not ″fear the fire.″

What was the most common food of the Aztecs?

To provide one example, maize was most likely the most frequent type of grain consumed throughout the Aztec Empire (corn).It is believed that people first began cultivating maize in what is now Mexico more than 10,000 years ago.Maize is a kind of cereal grain.As a result of this, by the time the Aztec Empire existed in Mexico, maize had had a lengthy history of usage in various farming systems.

What did the Aztecs use to make bread?

The Aztecs relied heavily on maize for their nutrition. They prepared a diverse array of meals and beverages based on maize in their culture. One of the dishes that were developed from maize was called a tortilla and it is a type of flat bread that is still quite popular in Mexico today. The flour manufactured from maize was used to make this loaf of bread.

How did the Aztecs specialise in agriculture?

Because of this, the Aztecs became experts in a wide variety of agricultural advances, such as Tenochtitlan’s floating gardens, which are still used today. Although they did eat meat, the majority of their diet consisted of agricultural products like corn and other grains.

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Why did the Aztecs use corn for food?

According to Michael E. Smith, who authored ″The Aztecs,″ there was a shortage of animal sources of protein during that time period. This is another reason why this is significant. The most frequent method of using maize was grinding it into dough, which was then utilized in the production of tortillas known as comalli.

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