What Was A Distinctive Feature Of India Cities Harappa? (Best solution)

What Was A Distinctive Feature Of India Cities Harappa? (Best solution)

What was the main city of Harappan civilization?

  • Urban Planning during Harappan Civilisation – shortcut The two most important Harappan cities are – Harappa in Montgomery district of Punjab and Mohenjodaro in Larkana district of Sindh. A third city lies at Chanhudaro. The fourth city is at Lothal in Gujarat.

What were the features of Harappan cities?

The cities had proper town planning of houses, roads, drains and so on. The citadel was in height because the building was situated in the citadel on mud-brick platforms. This area was separated by walls from the Lower Town. The main streets of the Harappan cities were built according to a grid pattern.

What was the main feature of the Harappan civilization?

Explanation: Each city was divided into two parts-the raised area called the ‘Citadel’ and the ‘lower town. ‘ The main streets followed a grid pattern running from north to south or from east to west. The houses at street corners were rounded to allow carts to pass easily.

What was distinctive about Harappan cities?

What was unique about the cities of the Harappans? The Indus Valley Civilization contained more than 1,000 cities and settlements. These cities contained well-organized wastewater drainage systems, trash collection systems, and possibly even public granaries and baths.

Which one of the following is the most important feature of Harappan cities?

The most significant feature of Indus Valley civilization was the buildings made of the bricks.

What was the main features of the Harappan civilization Mcq?

The main characteristics of Harappa Civilisation are: Urban Civilisation; agro-commercial civilisation; and chalcolithic Civilisation.

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What are the features of houses and drains in the earliest Harappan cities?

Answer: In cities related with the Harappan civilisation, each drain had a gentle slope so that water could flow through it. Very often, drains in houses were connected to those in streets and smaller drains led to bigger ones. As the drains were covered, inspection holes were provided at intervals to clean them.

Which of these is the feature of Harappan civilization Mcq?

2. Later on Rudra word was used for Shiva. 3. Rudra is not mentioned as Pashupati in Rigveda.

What was the unique feature of the Harappan civilization which was unknown to other contemporary civilizations?

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Harappan Civilisation was the development of urban centres. Consider the following statements about Mohenjo-Daro, the well-known site.

What were the features of domestic architecture of Harappans?

The houses made up bricks and the houses had expensive doors and windows. Each house had a courtyard, bathroom, kitchen, and staircase. The houses had very expensive of drains for the outlet of wastewater in the towns. All these drains are made with bricks and concrete.

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