Dr Who The Aztecs?

Dr Who The Aztecs?

The Aztecs was the sixth serial that aired on Doctor Who during the first season. It was the first tale in the series to deal with the concept of changing the way history unfolded, and it was also the first to have a love subplot involving the Doctor.

What does the doctor say about the Aztecs in doctor who?

Barbara’s stomach turns at The Doctor’s insistence that they must not meddle with Aztec rites, which is something that he stresses often. — garykmcd Alongside Tom Baker’s incarnation of the Doctor, Margot Van der Burgh (who had previously portrayed Cameca) made her comeback to the Doctor Who series seventeen years later as Consul Katura in the episode ″The Keeper of Traken″ (1981).

Who is the author of the Aztecs?

On February 25, 1964, script editor David Whitaker gave writer John Lucarotti a commission to create The Aztecs. At the time, another of Lucarotti’s stories, Marco Polo, was being produced as the show’s fourth serial at the same time. Lucarotti, who had previously made his home in Mexico, was taken aback by the Aztec culture.

What were the reviews of the original doctor who?

Positive retrospective evaluations of the television series were also found. In 1986, Tim Munro of Star Begotten referred to the serial as ″one of the brilliant diamonds of the Hartnell period″ and of the entire classic series to that point. He praised the writing and characters, particularly the Doctor, of Lucarotti and deemed the narrative to be one of his greatest works.

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