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“La Embajadora de la Cultura Maya” Councilmember Gil Cedillo, Los Angeles City Council.

“La Yucateca” Antonio Villaraigosa, Former Mayor of Los Angeles City

Sara Zapata Mijares is a person that inspires people in particular women and the youth. Sara, for more than three decades has been dedicated and involved in community, business and philanthropic work and now science and technology.

Sara’s passion is also visible as an art lover having curated many art exhibits. A native of Yucatan, Mexico, Sara is a cultural, environmental, tourism and art promoter. Sara is a proud mother, grandmother and with deep roots in her Maya indigenous upbringing.

Sara is President/Founder of Mundo Maya Foundation, a cultural/educational organization whose mission is to: “To inspire cultural diversity through education and engagement of local and global communities.” Along with board members, they designed a series of High School Conferences called “Explore with…”. These conferences are targeted to be presented in High Schools to bring in motivational speakers related to STEAM programs to include the Arts as well. The first conference was piloted in Whittier at Pioneer High School in September 2015 where Dr. Guillermo De Anda, Archaeologist and National Geographic Explorer presented his work “The Cult of the Sacred Mayan Cenote” to 750 At Risk High School Students. The students’ excitement and interest in the presentation was overwhelming. In 2016, Estrella Navarro, Marine Biologist and Mexican

International Deep Apnea Medalist of La Paz, Baja California was brought in to present and talk about Ocean Conservation.

In 2015, Sara coordinated a trip to Yucatan Peninsula for Univision (one week) with Emmy Award winners: Andres Pruna, Producer and former Clima Reporter Guillermo Quiroz. The result of this trip were sever, 3.5 second segments for TV sweeps. Four segments were nominated for Emmy’s and Sara was present at the first Emmy Award nomination in 2016.

As an entrepreneur and consultant Sara collaborated with OVEISHON, (Los Angeles-Mexico)to provide Protocol, Marketing and Sponsorship Opportunities for International Special Events: MEXICO FOOD FAIR – LA Convention Center, September 2013 and September 2014.

She was also the Director for CASA DISTRITO FEDERAL EN CALIFORNIA, Mexico City’s oficial office of representation in Los Ángeles, CA 2010 to 2013

The services provided: Tourism, Medical Tourism, Business Development, Arts and Culture.

Sara worked at MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund) where she co-authored the curriculum for the LIDER Program to provide capacity building, leadership, financial literacy, business certification training and civic engagement for the immigrant community. Sara trained over 400 leaders and more than 7000 people attended her Foreclosure prevention seminars at MALDEF.

Sara was proud to serve as a “Consejera del Consejo Consultivo de los Mexicanos en el Exterior/Advisory Council of Mexicans Abroad” for the Secretary of Foreign Relations of the Mexican Government from 2009-2011

Recently Sara was challenged with Uterine Cancer. After two surgeries she is now cancer free. She wants to share with women her struggles with Cancer and how she emerged from it as a “Vanquisher”. Sara is starting a new life and is sharing it with the hope that her message is used as prevention and not remediation.

For her community, business and philantrophic involvement Sara has received many recognition including: “ Founder of Mundo Maya Day at Levitt Pavilion/MacArthur Parkin LA” Assembly member Miguel Santiago (2019), “Woman of Excellence Award” by La Opinion Newspaper (April 2013), “Triunfadora Latina” by Triunfadores Latinos/Finding Productions {May 11, 2013}